Die Antwort aus Sibirien

How do you do, Ergin.

I agree - it's rather strange that there is a Man in the world whose surname is the same with the name of our great football club! (Nothing personal :-))

Do you like football? As for me, I even can be regarded as "Borussia"Dortmund's fan - I really love them, - because each time I bet on them, they "give" me a lot of money!

Selenga - is the name of the river, on which our town, Ulan-Ude, is situated. U-U (population 400.000) is the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, which is a subject of the Russian Federation. Buryats are people of Asian (Mongolian) type; but the mother-language of most of us is Russian. "Selenga" plays at the 2-nd division of Russian League, last season finished on 8-th place (there are 16 teams in the division). "Selenga" almost never loose at home; last season we've beated in two games the 3 of division's prize-winners! Hope that in 1999 we'll win our division tournament. It will begin in April, and in March I'm going to resume the web-presentation of "Selenga". In this year, especially for you :-) I will support an English version too. Welcome to my page; and welcome to Buryatia (we've got the lake of Baikal - the deepest lake in the world!, fishing, hunting and eco-tourism here is great. And rather cheap.). Get in touch.

Nice to know about your existence.


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